Supply Clusters simplifies buying for your business. We cut through the games, the lack of transparency and the adversarial approach to buying.

Our customers enjoy savings on all the everyday items they buy to keep their business running. They also save time searching for and dealing with many suppliers as the hard work is already done.

Understanding how companies sell and others buy is what we live and breathe. We help customers avoid the common pitfalls and gaming that occurs in the market. This gives our customers certainty and a better buying outcome.


Founded in 1994, Supply Clusters began with a simple concept of “how can we look at a different way to buy”.

It started with a foundation built on trust, transparency and shared value. 20 years later we deliver value through shared buying power and actionable insight.

Today we continue to help large and small businesses to improve their operating expenses.


Yes, we are a little bit different. Some may call us rebels.

We take a different approach to business buying and how we deal with suppliers and customers. We believe the old days of "best-practice" thinking should be relegated to history textbooks.

Adversarial buying processes promote a "playing the game" mentality. Worse still such processes are slow, inflexible and may be an anchor can that hold your business back.

Why deal with organisations that operate with a smoke and mirrors approach? Clear, concise information that allows better business decisions makes a whole lot more sense to many companies we deal with.

We believe in transparency with both our customers and suppliers. We insist on integrity and we believe being a little bit different can help you.

It is thinking different about business buying that gets results for our customers.


Our team have held leadership and executive roles in large as well as small businesses. Our team leverages their experience and disdain of outdated, traditional practices. Practices that reduce efficiency rather than add value.

Their passion benefits our customers and suppliers on a daily basis. At the coal face, they bring insight and innovation to our customers everyday.


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