Be Informed

With insurance premiums on the rise in tightening market conditions - it is definitely time to look at your old premiums and consider a review.

Staples Australia and New Zealand has announced a rebranding following Platinum Equity’s acquisition of the local division earlier this year.

Saving on fuel costs is not as simple as discounts or shop-a-dockets for most businesses. Like most areas, reducing usage comes down to some simple strategies that are either not utilised or totally forgotten. Here are a few to think about.

Running a business means managing risk as well as managing reward. It is no longer sensible to take a “this will never happen to us” stance. Especially in the area of IT. A changing landscape, overwhelming reliance on the internet and a growth in ‘hacktivism’ means businesses must look seriously at protecting themselves as well as insuring against the unknown.

Many businesses continue to pay too much when it comes to foreign exchange. A lack of transparency by the major providers combined with specialised knowledge provides fertile ground for overcharging.


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